Casual Set Styling for Special Occasions

There are different factors to navigate in the winter compared to other seasons when it comes to style, which makes winter style trickier. For instance, you need to make sure your clothes keep you warm and comfortable that your footwear is practical for whatever the weather throws at you, and that you have the right pants to go with the shoes!

Winter weather presents real obstacles to feeling good in your clothes, especially in the special occasions and anniversaries where you need a casual set to be worn, but with a little forethought, you can make it so that winter style isn’t a complete drag.

To make style easier, you need to start with the right pieces. Style is like a puzzle, and if you don’t have the pieces that fit together properly, it will be really hard to complete that puzzle.And as for styling casual set from All Day Closet, we are mentioning in this article some daily-ordinary sets that can be changed 180° to a casual set that fits any special occasion.

1- Abayas
When it comes to luxury modest fashion, no wardrobe should be without at least one Abaya option. Whether it’s a versatile black closed abaya or a long sleeved jacket, colors bring a timeless high-end look to any ensemble whatever the occasion.

Our modest Abayas can be worn as a casual set when adding silver/gold/rose gold long necklace or belt plus high heels.

As a soft and flowy fabric, Abayas makes a solid option for cooler seasons, as it can provide the perfect warming layer to ensure you don’t feel the chill in the name of fashion. 

2- Set of Two Pieces
One of our favorite looks for special occasions is the two-piece set trend. With endless options and different combinations, two-piece sets will keep you looking chic and stylish all year long. You can wear your two-piece set together or mix and match accessories to find new ways to style this on-trend look to change it into a perfectly casual set.

What to add?

  • Gold/Silver Necklaces
  • Brown or Metal Belts
  • Brooches & Pins
  • Your Solitaire jewelry set
  • Glitter/ leather small hand-bag

This is how can go with a casual set and style!

Our set of two pieces outfit can be with a long sleeved or short sleeved T-shirt. For the cold season, the best casual set will be the long sleeved set. 

3- Set of Three Pieces 
Three-piece set are defined by the set jacket and pants, accompanied by a matching T-shirt. This may be the best choice for a casual set in this cold weather. You can easily combine whichever accessories, bags and heels to this set.

All our sets and Abayas are special because of their soft flowy fabric and attractive colors.

To elevate your modest wardrobe, introduce a casual set or Abaya able to give any style a stunning, high-end finish.

Head over to our full casual set and Abaya collection to discover all of our options online.  And if you want even more fashion tips, trend insights and collection updates, keep reading our modest fashion blogs.

We hope these things enable you to get dressed more smoothly and more confidently this season!

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