Chic Ways to Style Your White Set

White looks perfect with white! Don’t believe us? Look at any bride near you or open your wedding album to see how dressing in white can make a person look luminous. It also represents simplicity thanks to minimal aesthetics, and makes a person look and feel pure.

Our white set is a causal set that suits every day whichever the occasion it is. The key that shifts your white set from ordinary to extraordinary look is simple accessories.

When we say accessories, we mean belts, earrings, necklaces, bags, rings and bracelets. The most beautiful and attractive accessories are those gold, silver, black or camel colors.

Let’s start talking in detail on how we can change our white set of a casual look to a more classy set that can be worn for different occasions.

Choose the Correct Sac

Simplicity is everything! You can choose whichever color you want with white, but not a white bag. Try to choose one of these bags with your white set.

  • Small Rounded Bags

  • Embroidered Bags

  • Cross Bags

  • Multicolor Strass Bags

  • Gold/Silver Pockets

  • Any color with gold/silver bag belt

Truths About Accessories

Accessories provide interest to your white set. Without them, it's too easy to become bored with your wardrobe. Your outfits, even those you love, can become boring to you, because they're always the same. Accessories add a flavor and zest to even the most casual of ensembles. Thats why, we recommend the following accessories to be added with your white set:

  • Classic Pearls

  • Low-key Gold

  • Big Wooden Beads

  •  Bling Brooches 

  •  Huge Costume Rings

  • Colorful Foulard

  • Thin/Thick Belts

Wear Your Heels

Wearing heels is the best and only compensatory behavior. If you want to appear taller and smarter, then heels will work as your life savior. Wear heels as they make you look very classy while making you look taller than usual. It gives the impression of slimmer and longer legs with a smart body figure. So try to wear heels with your white set if you want to stand tall and strong in your office, birthday parties, or club parties.

Recommended colors: 

All colors are nice with the white set ! Take into consideration the color of your belt and bag if any.

All Day Closet White Sets

At All Day Closet we offer 3 different white sets.

This set is a must regardless of the color you choose! This white set will never get out of style. A comfy set with everyone's comfortable color. Loose oversized shirt with comfortable wide leg pants

Outfit Details:

- One Size

- Light Fabrik

- Round neck

- Long sleeve

Go wild with this unique colored set of wide legged pants, shirt and long cardigan to stand out anywhere you go.

All you have to do is play with the accessories; whether with a pearl necklace or gold earrings it will perfectly match this set.

- One size

- Round Neck

- Flowy and lightweight fabric

- S3 pieces (top, pants, cardigan)

- Pockets

One Set that can be worn during the day or at night with the correct styling techniques.

Wide Legged Pants with oversized Shirt.

- One size

- Round Neck

- Flowy and lightweight fabric /

- S2 pieces (top, pants)

- Pockets

Visit our official website to browse our white sets that suit all your occasions and provide you comfort no matter what you will be doing. We deliver to different countries in the middle east. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.

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