Women's Arabian Clothes: Setting the Standard with Abayas

Women all around the world have unique and diverse clothing styles, and Arabian clothes are no exception. Women from the Arabian region have a wide range of clothing choices, including abayas, jilbabs, kaftans, and hijabs. Every type of Arabian clothing is carefully designed to bring out the best in a woman’s beauty, accentuating her body and her femininity. 

Those who wear Arabian clothes are often praised for their elegance and poise, and it is fair to say that Arabian clothes add an undeniable touch of grace to the wearer. Arabian clothes are truly one-of-a-kind and they represent the beauty, tradition, and culture of the region.

Traditional Arabian clothes are heavily influenced by cultures from across the Middle East. This is reflected in the diversity of the garments, which vary from region to region. Long robes, skirts, and turbans are staples of Arabian fashion. 

Arab women have been setting the standard of fashion for centuries, and their traditional clothing is an essential part of that legacy. From the two-piece set to the iconic abaya, Arab women’s attire has always been stylish, comfortable and modest.

Arabian clothes for women offer a unique combination of traditional style and modern elegance. Cut from comfortable fabrics, the outfits are designed to flatter and enhance the wearer’s body shape. Traditional garments include abaya, a robe-like dress which comes in different colors and suits with matching accessories like scarves and shawls, a long, ideal for both casual and formal occasions. 

Many women choose to wear hijab, a headscarf that comes in various styles, to complete their look. Arabian clothes are not only stylish and comfortable, but also provide the kind of coverage that many Arab women prefer.

The two-piece set, also known as a thawb, is the traditional garment of choice for Arab women. It consists of a long dress-like shirt, known as a kamis or shirt, and long wide legs pants. This set is typically made of lightweight cotton and is known for its comfort and practicality. Typically the two-piece set is worn in different colors, or sometimes in a light flowery pattern. It is usually accessorized with a belt, headscarf, and veil. 

The iconic abaya is a robe-like garment similar in style to the two-piece set. It is a long dress that covers the body from head to toe and is usually black or navy in color. It is made of light silky cotton. The abaya is commonly accessorized with a belt, scarf and veil.

Arab women’s traditional clothing has been praised for its practicality, elegance and modesty. Whether it’s a two-piece set or an abaya, these garments are timeless and will continue to be staples of Arab fashion for many years to come. Find out our newest and restocked collection of women's Arabian clothes that you will choose to wear forever.

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